“Triangulo de oro” | Starting in Asunción. Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay.

Visita a las Reducciones Jesuíticas de San Ignacio y al nuevo Centro de Interpretación.


  • Visit 7 world heritage sites, Saltos del Moconá, Iguazu falls and Asuncion.
  • 9 days and 10 nights.
  • Arrive on mondays

Día 1 – Posadas

Día 2 – Posadas

We have breakfast and we start our trip going to Paraguay, crossing the International bridge “San Roque González de Santa Cruz” that connects the city of Posadas, capital of Misiones, and the city of Encarnación, capital of the Department Itapúa in Pataguay, crossing the Parana River.

Then, we continue along the route N°1 to San Cosme and Damián, where we will visit the Jesuit Reductions, whose church and school are still used by the community.
We keep going along route N°6 to “Colonias Unidas”, 60km away from Encarnación.

Launch time.

In the afternoon we visit the “Reducciones de Jesús de Tavarangué y Santísima Trinidad

Día 3 – Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast and then a tour to the “Reducciones Jesuíticas de Santa Ana”. Next, we go to the thematic park “De la Cruz”, where we will enjoy fantastic panoramic views of Misiones.
After that, we continue our way to Loreto, where we will visit the Via Crucis. When we arrive to San Ignacio we will have free time to have launch.

After launch we will visit the “Reducciones Jesúiticas de San Ignacio” and it’s new interpretation center.
At 7pm we will enjoy a show full of lights, pictures and sound, that tells takes us in a journey through the history of the Misiones Jesuiticas – Guaranies.

Día 4 – Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast and then we go to Apóstoles and Concepción. We will visit the “Reducciones de Santa María la Mayor”. We continue to San Javier, crossing to Brazil by raft across Uruguay River.
We will arrive to “San Miguel das Missoes”, through Sao Luis Gonzaga. We will enjoy a Light and Sound show at the “Misión de San Miguel”.

Día 5 – Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast. Visit to the “Reducciones de San Miguel” one of the better preserved missions. The church, bell tower, it’s incredible museum whit up to 90 wooden pieces crafted by natives.
After that we continue to Santo Ángelo to visit it’s catedral, recogniced by it’s beautiful stained glass.


Continue our way to Porto Javier, crossing he river by raft.
We arrive to Obera and do a brief city tour.

Día 6 – Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast. We continue our trip to “Aristobulo del Valle”, where we get to know the “enchanted jump”. Afther that we go to “Saltos del moconá” to visit the only geological failure of it’s kind. They run parallel to the Uruguay River.

If the weather conditions allow it, we will be able to navigate it.

Transfer to the hotel at Puerto Iguazú.

Día 7 – Puerto Iguazú

Full day tour to the Iguazu falls National Park, the argentinian side. Visit to the falls, one of the 7 natural wanders of the world. We will enjoy the higher and lower circuits. Launch is included.
Optional: “The great adventure”, raft to the “jumps”. Quite recommended.

Día 8 – Puerto Iguazú

Full day tour to the Iguazu falls national Park, this time to the portion of it located in brazil. Visit to “Foz de Iguazú”.
Then, we visit the Itaipu dam.

Día 9 – Puerto Iguazú

Tranfer to Ciudad del Este airport, destination: Asunción, capital of Paraguay.
Transfer to the hotel.

Included services

  • Transfers (Airport – hotel – Airport) in private services.
  • Private transportation during tours. Drop off at Iguazú.
  • 3 night in Posadas
  • 1 night in Sao Miguel
  • 1 night in Oberá
  • 2 night in Asunción
  • Driver and tour guide.
  • Full day tour “Misiones Jesuíticas de Santa Ana, Loreto and San Ignacio Miní”.
  • Full day tour “Misiones Jesuíticas de Jesús y Trinidad y los pueblos de San Cosme y Damián.”
  • Full day tour “Apóstoles, y Misiones de Santa María la Mayor”.
  • Visit to the “Misiones Jesuíticas de Sao Miguel das Missoes.”
  • Light and sound show at Sao Miguel das Missoes.
  • Panoramic views of Santo Ángelo and Oberá
  • Visit to the provincial park “Salto encantado” and “Moconá”
  • Visit to the national park “Iguazu falls”, argentinian and brasilian side.
  • Tour to Itaipu Dam
  • City tour of Asunción city.
  • Visit to Yaguarón church and Santa María fe Jesuitic mission.
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage handling
  • Taxes




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