Reduction Apostles was founded in the region in 1632 Tapé, originally naming it Virgin Nativity Araricá.



The Reduction Apostles was founded in Tapé region in 1632, originally denominándosela Nativity of the Virgin Araricá
Founded by: by Pedro Alfaro


Department Apostles – Province of Misiones – Argentina – Latitude S 27 54′-Longitude W 55 45 ‘
Access: 57 km from Posadas – by Route No. 105 and 201


Emigrated in 1638 and settled near San Javier, which was renamed Saints Peter and
Paul. In 1652 he moved again, this time to its final location, where he continued until 1817 when it was destroyed by the Portuguese.

Estado actual

The present urban plant overlaps the Apostles to go Reduction Santos
Peter and Paul. There is no trace of walls in elevation. Everything has been plundered according to modern buildings of the modern city.
The only detectable traces of the Workshops are shaped mounds and adobe homes in a sector with original situation, for the Temple (located in the public square).
In some sections of consignments Housing strips are preserved in the form of mounds or adobe walls.
In a sector Workshops section preserved in a private lot the remains of an underground tunnel persist similar to that of Santa Maria Maggiore. By the evidence found at the site may be assumed that it is an oven casting.
Are also relevant residues that persist in what was the periphery of the reduction, such as embankments,
roads, brick factories, quarries of sandstone, etc..