San Ignacio Guasu


Founded on December 29, 1609 by Jesuit priests Marcial de Lorenzana and Francisco de San Martin, accompanied by Chief Arapysandú, who took up their land, where they built an altar and the first Mass was celebrated.



Founded on December 29, 1609 by Jesuit priests Marcial de Lorenzana and Francisco de San Martin.


226 miles south of Asunción, San Ignacio is reached by Route 1 “Mcal. Francisco Solano López “.


The Jesuit mission was officially established in 1610 as “San Ignacio Guazii” to be
distinguished from “San Ignacio Mini”, located in the province of Misiones, Argentina. In February 1610, Father
Roque González de Santa Cruz organized the foundation, making it the center of the Jesuit
Missions in Paraguay. From San Ignacio Jesuit departed to found other villages: Santa Rosa, Santiago,
St. Mary, St. Cosmas and Damian, even Incarnation and other locations.
Originally located in the current “Santa Rita” passes away “Santiago” and then in 1677 was moved to its
current settlement, on a moderate hill covered with large forests.
There was begun the construction of the early Jesuit religious house (now Jesuit Museum), the
church and houses of the Guarani Indians. These works were provided with piped water, a
water fountain in front of the church.

Estado actual

he temple built with labor from the Indians by the Jesuits in San Ignacio and had as pastor at San Roque González de Santa Cruz, was lavish. After the expulsion of the Jesuits
Paraguay in 1768, by order of King Carlos III of Spain, though not immediately, reductions
they began to sink. Abandoned without care they gave their creators, buildings and works woodcarvings were deteriorating. As early as 1933, the Jesuits returned to San Ignacio and Guazii long lived in the remains of the old school building also served as workshop learning the Guarani, but it was already different, times had changed. The population was already
homogeneous and there were only a few indigenous groups.