Founded by Jesuit Delfin Geronimo. in 1685 on the banks of river Monday.



Founded by Jesuit Delfin Geronimo in 1685 on the banks of river Monday.


Located in the department of Itapúa, Paraguay. 27 ° 3’22 “S 55 ° 45’11” W


The settlement had to move several times by the hostility of Brazilians attacked them and carried into slavery, reaching what is now 38 km from the city of Encarnación. It grew to about 3,000 people by 1750.
This mission began building one of the largest churches of the time, who had to be left unfinished by the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1768 by Charles III of Spain.
This Jesuit mission Guaraní is one of the cuts that have been preserved, among many peoples
founded by missionaries under their colonizing work in South America in the seventeenth century.

Estado actual

The ruins of these religious missions reflect a way of life and education marked by a
singular style. Almost two centuries later rediscovered it declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1993.

Architectural features
 This temple would be a replica of Loyola Church, located in Italy. design
Architectural this reduction was by architect Antonio Forcada, of Spanish origin, who imposed his own style with trefoil arches characteristic of Muslim culture that prevailed at that time in Spain.
Declared a World Heritage Site in 1993