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San Nicolas


Founded by Father Roque González de Santa Cruz in 1626.



Founded by Father Roque González de Santa Cruz in 1626.


 Its population that formerly inhabited the same place, but had been expelled for attacks by frontiersmen of Francisco Bueno. Became territory of modern Argentina and founded reducing
Apostles, to where refugees would flow also reduced Tapes. In 1687 these towns were united and returned to Rio Grande do Sul, refounding St. Nicholas on February 2.

Este renacimiento fue signado por un ciclón y un incendio, desastres que destruyeron buena parte de las instalaciones, incluyendo la iglesia. Pero luego la reducción volvió a recomponerse, siendo reconstruido el templo p St. Nicholas on February 2.
This revival was marked by a cyclone and a fire disaster that destroyed much of the facility, including the church. But then again regroup reduction, the parish church being rebuilt in stone under the guidance of Father Anselmo Matta. Have reached 7,751 people in 1732, and gave birth to the city of São Nicolau.