San Angel


Founded by Father Diego de Hasse in 1707



Founded by Father Diego de Hasse in 1707


Located west of the riograndense plateau in the old Jesuit missions, along the river Ijuí. It is 459 km from the city of Porto Alegre, the state capital. 28 ° 17’S 54 ° 15’W

Estado actual

Is the city called San Angelo


was the last to be founded Seven Towns of the Eastern Band of the Uruguay. its population
previously lived Concepción, passed through Ijuí and finally fixed with 2,879 people in command Hasse’s father.
Even with a structure similar to other reductions, with the exception of the Church whose head is oriented to the South, when other churches were oriented to the north, the village of Santo Angelo Custodio prospered economically, becoming at the time the largest producer of yerba mate and the richest of the Seven Villages.
Destroyed by the Portuguese in 1756 with the so-called Guarani War, the region was abandoned for nearly a century to be between 1811-1821 of the battlefield between the troops missionary command of Andrés Guazurary against lusobrasileros at the end of the war Argentine-Brazilian was reconquered by the River Plate but after the Preliminary Peace Convention was in Brazilian power. By 1830 the reconstruction of the region began although this was delayed until being eliminated by Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul Republic.