Santa María de Fe


Founded by Father Manuel Berthot, in 1647, was originally Nuestra Señora de Terah Terah or just.



Founded by Father Manuel Berthot, in 1647, was originally Nuestra Señora de Terah Terah or just.


About 15 km from the town of San Ignacio, north of the Assumption by the Apa River. 26 ° 47’6 “S 56 ° 56’24” W

Estado actual

The original church was destroyed in a 1889 incendio1 Fortunately, a number of images were saved and can be admired in the church today and the Museum installed in one of the “Indian Homes”.. This museum houses dozens of beautiful baroque images, including the group of the Nativity, testimony to its rich cultural and religious past. Includes works in polychrome wood sculptures.


Before Berthot Father, Father Vicente Hernández had tried this foundation, and although cooperating with Parents Sunday Munoz and Christopher Sands, nothing could in three long years. neophytes had all the tricks of the chiriguanos and were intolerable. They came to strike with a stick in the face Father Muñoz, and leave lying on the ground the Father Arenas. Consign these details, because Azara wrote that Terah, like all other reductions, was one of the foundations that had been made lords Paraguay Governors all done and delivered to the Jesuits. So far was if so, that Terah was one of the most untamed foundations. After three years of continuous failures, the higher she sent to Father Berthot admirable, and this, in that year he baptized 500 Indians and 300 marriages blessed. For his devotion to Notre Dame de Foy, in France, was baptized with the name of the new reduction.
This famous reduction of the Jesuit missions had the privilege of having the first printing press in South America.
In the late seventeenth century Santa Maria was famous for saying that his church was the most beautiful of all. He had a body-nine bells. It gave many concerts. The renewal of a complex of buildings, comprising the church, the museum, the rectory and the catechetical center has given new impetus to the town of Santa Maria.