Reduction was founded in by Father Roque González de Santa Cruz in 1619



Reduction was founded in by Father Roque González de Santa Cruz in 1619


Department Conception – Province of Misiones – Argentina. Latitude S 27 º 58′-Longitude W 55 º 31 ‘
Access: 86 km from Posadas by Route No. 105/201/1


El primer asentamiento se estableció en las alturas del The first settlement was established on the heights of Ibitiracuá. Soon moved to its final site, where flourished until its destruction, which occurred in 1817 following the Portuguese invasions

Estado actual

El estado de conservación es similar a ApóstoleThe condition is similar to Apostles. About the Jesuit plot has set the modern layout of the city of Concepcion de la Sierra. No lift walls and few identifiable foundations.
Incorporated in new buildings in the village are the stones of the ancient walls.
The villagers have preserved many remnants, such as columns, capitals, fragments of sculptures, etc..
The road network is preserved in the environment is notable for its complexity. Ponds, ditches, etc. are also seen.
Although there are no residues in elevation, there is a surface and subsurface archaeological and historically salvageable.
In the vicinity of Reduction existed a renowned Chapel called “San Roque”, sent to build in 1749 by the Provincial Manuel Querini, having started there Father Roque González their evangelizing work. The area is known to this day as “Chapel-Cue ‘, though his remains have not yet been detected.