Santa Rosa


Founded by Father Ranzonier in 1698



Founded by Father Ranzonier in 1698


on Route # 1, at 248 kilometers from Asunción. 26 ° 52 ‘0 “S, 56 ° 51’ 0” W


It has a great testimonial historic value, imposing houses of Indians, in full operation, for commerce and residences. Its bell tower of the era and the famous Chapel of Loreto, with its unique size and unique murals reductions are the highlight. The only mural painting of the 30 villages is preserved in this chapel of Loreto, home to the Museum of Santa Rosa. There you can see pieces of matchless refinement attributed to Brasanelli, among which are: The Annunciation and La Piedad. In the urban environment can be seen called “Sidewalk Jesuit” architectural last full set of all reductions, in addition to the stone tower bell.
The original church was burned in 1883 by what was built another temple, only managed to preserve the bell tower, which to this day is in use.