Thematic park of the cross

Visita a las Reducciones Jesuíticas de San Ignacio y al nuevo Centro de Interpretación.


The theme park of La Cruz highlights the most renowned hill in the province of Misiones, a common walk for locals, but unattainable for tourists who, until now, could only enjoy it from a distance. The park covers an area of 57.5 hectares that include waterfalls, numerous native tree species, fauna and flora and natural viewpoints.


The Paraná jungle becomes close and the exuberance of nature is felt through all the senses, from the first of the 1,500 meters of ascending route that takes us to the Cross. The work of man is magnificently combined with nature, giving it a leading role that is reflected in the Butterfly Garden, the Orchid Garden, the interpretation trails and the natural amphitheater. Thus, from the very heart of the province of Misiones, Santa Ana proudly welcomes the entire world, making the most valuable thing it has available to everyone: the wonder of nature, and the warmth of its people. 

Text for Sanctification: Invocation and apostolic blessing imparted by Monsignor Adriano Bernardino, Apostolic Nuncio. Inauguration of the Theme Park of the Cross. April 14, 2011 Lord God, our refuge and strength, listen to the prayers of your people and grant us with your goodness what we ask with faith. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Holy Father. You procured for us the meaning of your love, the remedy of salvation and life, in the tree from which the first man had brought ruin and death, because when the hour of his Passover arrived, Jesus, the Lord, priest, teacher and king, voluntarily ascended the tree of the cross and made it the throne of his glory, the altar of his sacrifice, the seat of truth.

There rising above the earth, he defeated the ancient enemy and clothed in the purple of his blood drew to himself, full of love, all men. There, with outstretched arms, he made you Father, the offering of his life, and infused a saving force into the sacraments of the new covenant. There, he taught with his death, what he had previously announced by word, that the grain of wheat when he dies produces abundant fruit. So we beg you, Lord, that your faithful when they arrive at this place receive the fruits of redemption that Christ Jesus deserved with his passion. Through the cross put to death your sins and by the power of the cross dominate pride and strengthen your weakness.

Que encuentren consuelo en sus aflicciones y seguridad en el peligro. Y que May they find comfort in their afflictions and safety in danger. And that protected by your power, they walk the paths of this world without harm, until You, Father, receive them in the place of Heaven. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Let the place be sanctified in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And since this place evokes that blessed olive tree in whose holy arms the Savior was suspended, be it for all who come to it, prayerful, health of body and soul. By the same Christ, Our Lord. Amen.




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