San Cosme


Founded by Father Adriano Formoso in 1632.


Founded by Father Adriano Formoso in 1632.


A branch located at 29 kilometers of Route 1, a distance of 342 kilometers from Asunción. The city is leaning on Dam Reservoir Yaciretá, near City Ayolas and Atingy National Park. 27.3142, -56.3317


This reduction is perhaps the most changes suffered its inhabitants had to move
four times, until the year 1718 is definitely located north of Paraná, where it currently is. From the Ruins of Reduction Saints Cosmas and Damian are noted for their school, the only one standing and representative of the 30 cuts that are conserved and that there was installed the old Jesuit observatory.

The mission became the principal astronomical center of South America. Father Buenaventura Suárez began from 1,703 papers and studies on astronomy. Aided by the indigenous built telescopes, quadrants and a sundial, although rudimentary, were accurate in performance. They carried with them research papers that were released in Europe.

Also worth mentioning German priests who had great influence on the development of “San Cosme and
Damian “in 1742 Father Adolfo Scal several years comes after it the father Johan Gilde in 1751 were able to welcome the father Unger, and years later the father Taddaeus Enis. Latter distinguished himself as the leader of the Indians in their battles against the Portuguese, and the last years he lived in Paraguay was spent teaching agriculture.

Estado actual

In this science center today a sundial that is astounding in its accuracy. His church was recently restored for worship with images of great value, including Saints Cosmas and Damian.