This reduction was founded in 1639.



This reduction was founded in 1639.


Department Itacaruaré – Province of Misiones – Argentina – Latitude S 27 W 55 Length 48′-25 ‘.


It was founded by refugees from several villages destroyed by the Bandeirantes in Tapé. The first settlement was among the reductions Concepción and Santa Maria. In 1704 the town was moved to its final location, where it remained until it was destroyed in 1817 by the Portuguese.

Estado actual

The village atop a hill on a narrow plateau.
The set is very predators due to the installation of farms in the area. However there are many stone walls and mounds of adobe walls.
The cords installed in order to save the steep terrain relief are remarkable.
Temple some walls belonging to the vestry and the Presbytery persist.
Workshops are remarkable for its size. The perimeter wall is preserved by the Huerta loans and can noted as follows natural uneven terrain.
Surrounding the cemetery is kept level foundation.
They highlight the high ground containments, located on the side of Huerta.
In the periphery remains to be seen, such as brick factories, lakes and ponds, pens, etc. are varied.
In the field of Housing, mounds of adobe walls have important residues, such as homes and some stone foundations.