Founded in 1626 by the provincial Father Nicholas Mastrilli González Durán and priests of Santa Cruz and Pedro Romero.La reduction was on the left bank of the Uruguay River, 29 ° 28’15 “S 56 ° 48’54” W, in the place where the city of Yapeyú is in the province of Corrientes, Argentina.



Founded: in 1626
Founded by: Father Nicholas provincial Mastrilli González Durán and priests of Santa Cruz and Pedro Romero.


 La reducción se hallaba en la margen izquierda del río Uruguay, a 29°28′15″S 56°48′54″O, en el lugar en donde hoy se halla la ciudad de Yapeyú, en la Provincia de Corrientes, Argentina.

Current status

There runs the Museum Sanmartiniano keeping relics of St. Martin and his family. has water
thermal and beach. Has hostels riverfront, allowing accommodation in comfort to the many
visitors. It also has an excellent provincial camping.


It was one of the most important Jesuit Missions of Corrientes, one of the most important of all missions. Founded in 1626, quickly became one of the most flourishing reductions. the population
have reached nearly 8,000 souls ..
There we will find the memoirs of General José de San Martín. It still has the remains of the house where he was born and Freed.
It was the first canyon, had a large courtyard with palm trees and beside a mature and growing big ombú. Produced after the May Revolution of 1810 in Buenos Aires the Primera Junta raised indigenous to
same category as the Spanish and Creole, ending the regime of reductions. The village was Yapeyú
completely destroyed in 1817 by the Portuguese.