Founded in: Founded in 1629
Founded by Father José Ordóñez.
Location: San Javier Department - Province of Misiones - Argentina - Latitude S 27 º 51'-Longitude W 55 º 08 '
Access: 122 km from Posadas National Route N º 12/4
Features: The town was founded by the creek 1,629 1,633 Tabitiu.En moved to its final location, where it remained until its destruction in 1817.
Status: some very low bases belonging to the residence, Workshops and Temple are conserved only. Temple is the best preserved and the Sacristy Presbytery.
The Houses are very destroyed, being recognized only by reports mounds and adobe wall. Rescuing remains elevation becomes practically impossible.
Archaeologically area is very rich in relics, which rescued form an interesting museum.
Reduction in the vicinity of the Chapel of San Miguel was, of which there are still remains on a small hill