Founded: Founded in 1630
Founded by the Jesuit Father Christopher Altamirano
Location: located on the west bank of the Uruguay river. 29 ° 10'34 "S 56 ° 38'34" W
Features: Mbororé born in the place with the name of Assumption of the Cross in the basin Mbororé
The river Ibicuy region Tapé or Eastern Missions. Faced with the constant attack of São Paulo's Bandeirantes is
produced a first exodus of people to the place where Yapeyú be erected; then, between 1638 and 1639 - the
Bandeirantes intensify attacks Cruceños abandoned their primitive seat in the place where today
Itaquí housed and crossed the river to Uruguay remade in the West, on the site that adopted
The area of ​​La Cruz was a place of heavy fighting between troops under Argentine Andrés and Guazurary
Luso-Brazilian between 1816 and 1821; then, at the end of the Argentine-Brazilian War, in 1828 the troops
Argentine Estanislao López commanding passed through La Cruz and Itaquí to recover the Eastern Missions.
Current Situation: There is in La Cruz a sundial dating from 1700, was built by the natives of the
time directed by the Jesuits at that time evangelized America, this fully carved
One piece partly underground and is equivalent to 2/3 of the total item. Figure the exact date of the creation of the people in it. He is considered the icon of the Santa Cruz history.